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Changes in main branch since last version

  • Change the semantics of MeshData<>::size() to match what size() usually means

July 3, 2020

This version:

  • Generalize the main halfedge mesh type to support nonmanifold meshes in routines where they make sense. The old HalfedgeMesh is now ManifoldSurfaceMesh, which is a subclass of the new more general SurfaceMesh, offering many of the same operations. The header halfedge_mesh.h typedef’s HalfedgeMesh as ManifoldSurfaceMesh so existing code will mostly still work.
  • Renamed PolygonSoupMesh to SimplePolygonMesh, and simplified some methods of this class. For now, the old type PolygonSoupMesh is typedef’d to SimplePolygonMesh, and the header polygon_soup_mesh.h includes simple_polygon_mesh.h so existing code should work. Please use SimplePolygonMesh in any new code.
  • Renamed PlyHalfedgeMeshData to RichSurfaceMeshData, and changed its workings to apply to more general meshes.
  • Changed underlying storage of MeshData<> containers from std::vector<> to Eigen::VectorX_.
  • Moved halfedge_containers.h to utilities/mesh_data.h, along with reorganizing various mesh element headers (you shouldn’t need to include any of these headers in user code anyway, just including surface_mesh.h is sufficient)